Information about the HKEXnews website (

HKEX has established a dedicated issuer website solely for the dissemination of issuer information. The new website is separate from the HKEX website with its own domain name and a new identity (HKEXnews). The HKEXnews website covers two main areas:

Issuer-generated Information

This refers to issuer information submitted via the e-Submission System and includes vetted issuer documents required under the Main Board or GEM Listing Rules and non-vetted issuer documents. It also includes disclosure information filed via the Disclosure of Interests Online (DION) System by major shareholders or directors of listed companies in accordance with Part XV - Disclosure of Interests of the Securities and Futures Ordinance.

HKEX-generated Regulatory Issuer Information

This includes HKEX-generated regulatory information on companies listed on the Main Board and GEM, such as status reports on delisting proceedings and suspensions, prolonged suspension status reports and listing enforcement notices/announcements.

The dedicated issuer website was created to:

  • serve as a centralised platform for issuers' regulatory filings and disclosures;
  • provide the investing public with convenient online access to issuer information;
  • design a new presentation and look-and-feel for easy navigation and information retrieval;
  • help further improve the overall performance and service level in the area of issuer news dissemination; and
  • pave the way for the future development and growth of the issuer information dissemination regime.

Please visit the HKEXnews website for further information.