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Breach Conduct

Disciplinary Actions

3 May 2018
  • Mr Zhang Jing Zhi, former executive director of Sound Global Limited
  • Director’s Undertaking
  • Director’s failure to cooperate in the Exchange’s investigation.


A director’s compliance with his Undertaking to cooperate in the Exchange’s investigation into possible Listing Rule breaches is of utmost importance in enabling the Exchange to discharge its function to maintain and regulate an orderly market. Directors who fail to cooperate with the Exchange’s investigations without any reasonable grounds may be subject to disciplinary action, and such conduct will be taken into account in assessing their suitability to act as a director of any listed issuer and listing applicant in the future.


Public Censure of

  • Mr Zhang Jing Zhi

with a statement that Mr Zhang's conduct in this matter will be taken into account in assessing his suitability under Rule 3.09 of the Exchange Listing Rules (and its equivalent under the GEM Listing Rules) in the event that he should wish to become a director of any issuer listed or to be listed on the Exchange in the future.