Company / Name

Breach Conduct

Disciplinary Actions

27 July 2017

  • Mr Ang Wing Fung former executive director of Inno-Tech Holdings Limited

  • Director’s Undertaking
    (Form 6A)

  • Director’s failure to cooperate in the Exchange’s investigation.


The Exchange attaches significant importance to directors' compliance with the undertaking to cooperate with the Exchange's investigation. It is now one of the themes of the Exchange's enforcement activities. Directors' cooperation with investigations by the Exchange into the conduct of listed issuers and their directors is essential to enable the Exchange to discharge its function to maintain and regulate an orderly market. Failure to comply with the undertaking (a) renders the delinquent director liable to a separate disciplinary sanction; and (b) will be taken into account in the Exchange's consideration of the individual’s suitability to be appointed a director of any issuer listed or to be listed in Hong Kong in the future.


Public Censure of

  • Mr Ang Wing Fung

stating that Mr Ang's conduct in this matter will be taken into account in assessing his suitability under GLR 5.02 (and its equivalent of the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited), in the event that he should wish to become a director of any issuer listed or to be listed on the Exchange in the future.