Date Company/ Name Breach Conduct Disciplinary Actions
2 December 2019

• Mr Guo Xia William (“Mr Guo”), executive director and Chairman of China Health Group Inc. 

• GLR5.56(a)(ii)

• Director’s Undertaking

• Mr Guo breached GLR5.56(a)(ii) and his Undertaking to comply with the GEM Listing Rules to the best of his ability.


This decision emphasises the importance of compliance with securities dealing restrictions within the GEM Listing Rules.

Directors are restricted from dealing in securities during Blackout Periods to remove or mitigate any suspicion of abuse by directors of listed issuers. Directors’ strict compliance is of fundamental importance to the integrity and confidence in the governance of listed issuers and the securities market in Hong Kong.


Public Criticism of

• Mr Guo Xia William


• Mr Guo to undergo the training as described in the news release.