Date Company/ Name Breach Conduct Disciplinary Actions
20 September 2019

• Mr Xiang Liang (“Mr Xiang”), former executive director of China Environmental Energy Investment Limited (“Company”)

• Settlement Agreement and the Committee’s Direction

• Mr Xiang breached a settlement agreement dated 31 July 2017 (“Settlement Agreement”), under which he agreed to a direction made by the Listing Committee (“Committee”) to attend 24 hours of training on Exchange Listing Rules compliance and director’s duties (including 4 hours of training on notifiable and connected transactions) within 90 days from the publication of the news release in respect of the Settlement Agreement (“Committee’s Direction”).

Failure by a director to comply with the directions of the Committee demonstrates a lack of character and integrity. The Exchange takes breaches of directions made by the Committee seriously and will, where appropriate, take further action for such breaches, including seeking a direction from the Committee that an individual is not suitable to be a director of an issuer listed, or to be listed, on the Exchange.


Public Censure of

• Mr Xiang Liang

with a statement that Mr Xiang does not satisfy the suitability requirements under Rule 3.09 to act as a director of any issuer listed, or to be listed, on the Exchange.