Date Company/ Name Breach Conduct Disciplinary Actions
29 July 2019

• Mr Liang Jian Heng (“Mr Liang”), former controlling shareholder of Wan Cheng Metal Packaging Company Limited (“Company”)

• GLR13.16A(1)(b)

• Undertaking

• Mr Liang, as controlling shareholder of the Company, failed to comply with his obligation under the GEM Listing Rules, breaching GLR13.16A(1)(b); and breached his undertaking dated 23 June 2017 to the Exchange and the directors of the Company (“Undertaking”).


Controlling shareholders are obliged to comply with their obligations under the GEM Listing Rules and discharge their undertakings given to the Exchange. Failure to do so may render them subject to disciplinary actions and ultimately disciplinary sanctions imposed by the Exchange. Controlling shareholders should consider all possible options, including consulting and seeking a waiver from the Exchange, before engaging in conduct that results in a breach of the GEM Listing Rules.


Public Censure of

• Mr Liang Jian Heng