Company / Name

Breach Conduct

Disciplinary Actions

20 April 2004
  • WellNet Holdings Limited
  • Mr Chan Shing
  • Madam Lau Ting
  • Madam Tung Pui Shan Virginia
  • Mr Kwok Wai Lam
  • Mr Yang Da Wei
  • Mr Yu Wing Keung Dicky
  • Mr Yin Mark
  • Mr Sit Hoi Tung
  • MLR10.06(2)(a) & (e)
  • P39 Listing Agreement
  • Director's Undertaking
  • Share repurchases - exceeded threshold
  • Failure to refer to share repurchases in P39 statement

CRITICISM - in respect of WellNet Holdings Limited and Mr Chan Shing, Madam Lau Ting, Madam Tung Pui Shan Virginia, Mr Kwok Wai Lam, Mr Yang Da Wei, Mr Yu Wing Keung Dicky, Mr Yin Mark and Mr Sit Hoi Tung